APPLICATION DEADLINE for 2024-2025 is Mar 31, 2024
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A unique, community-centered goal inspired our Founders to initiate a program of educational financial support.

James K. Adams and Arlene L. Adams worked together to start and build a nationally recognized warehousing business in Central Pennsylvania. Through three decades of growth, they did much to recognize and reward the employees who contributed to the success of the company. At the time of Mr. Adams’ retirement they created the James K. Adams and Arlene L. Adams Foundation.

The importance that Mr. and Mrs. Adams placed on education after high school is embedded in the program of their Foundation. Success in post-high school education programs contributes to the wellbeing of the student for life and to the growth of the community. The Foundation supports and encourages students who also value giving back to their community, take an active role in the religious organization of their choice, and take personal responsibility for becoming productive citizens.

The Foundation has awarded more than $1,000,000 in no interest loans and other student financial assistance since its founding.

Accomplishments & Recent Progress

The annual distribution of no interest academic loans to local students by James K. Adams and Arlene L. Adams Foundation has exceeded $100,000 in some recent years. Since 1994, the Adams Foundation has assisted students in post-high school education programs. More than 100 area graduates have received financial assistance for college and technical school studies.

Typical Tuition Assistance

Financial need is a factor that is considered by our Board of Advisors. Loan amounts vary, and have been issued up to 10,000 toward a student's tuition for one year. All tuition loans are interest free and are to be paid back when the student is financially able to return the support to the local community.

Application Reviews

All applications are reviewed by the Board of Advisors of the Adams Foundation. Current Board members are Mrs. Nancy Besch, Mrs. Susanne K. Mullin, Mr. Teancum Light, and Mr. James R. Adair. Their service has been instrumental in the success of our program.


Success for the James K. Adams and Arlene L. Adams Foundation is found in the way our students "pay it forward." When tuition loans are repaid to the Adams Foundation every dollar is used to provide new tuition loans for eligible students. The successful careers and ability of the students to give similar assistance to new students increases the ability of the James K. Adams and Arlene L. Adams Foundation to achieve the goals of our founders.