Lost Password Help

If you have an existing account for which you've lost the password, read our notes and complete the form below.

Note 1: Important email from our site, including password assistance emails, may go into your spam folder. Two steps you should take include:
      (a) Find and Check your spam folder. Do this, for example, when you think you could be missing an email.
      (b) Add these two email addresses to your contact list, so email from us doesn't go into your spam folder: website [at] adams.foundation, and trustees [at] adams.foundation

Note 2: You must have completed the email verification process for your account to obtain lost password help. If you encounter continued difficulties completing this process please contact our technical support team (see "Web Site Assistance" on our Contact page).

If you haven't lost your existing account's password, here are some other actions you can take:

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